Friday, April 21, 2017


Pretty little Polly playing on the floor
wanting not but everything to be right for evermore
pretty little Polly walking out the door
a shinning little moon beam happy to the core

Polly is so happy being Polly that's for sure
Mighty little dynamo works to reassure
Polly is the greatest and a master treasure
she is the master one and a provocateur...

The bible

Never let a woman in
never let her stay
she will come and break you heart
then she will go and play

Women are so freeky
women are so gay
women are so cranky
never let them stay

broken down busted up
women have there say
never let a woman in
never let her stay

Go and live upon your roof
For that is where I stay
never let a woman in
Never let her stay

Happy love

There is no happy love songs that I ever heard
The breaking of a heart and the spinning of a word
Smiles abound and lies are told and broken is the blurb
This is a happy love song smiling with a verb

Smiles around and kissing sounds pretty is the word
O how happy I am with out a woman bird
Laughter and the song of love stupid bloody nerd
Falling from high and pasted a single turd

If you can do better say the silly word
Love love and all its sounds sends the milk to curd
This is a happy love song whistles the little herd
Smiles and laughs and love songs i have at last uncovered

never love

Sad and lonely she left me not
She took another said not a lot
Her broken mind shes on the spot
her looks at me a pot of crock

She looks and wonders what she left
broken heart and things to ponder
torn apart by cupids thieft
her heart cries for the thief is yonder

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

my dog

She has been here threw all the pain and suffering
she barks a little and knows whats coming
Its me you see she was locked out
Come to the door because I will shout
You took your time she scalded me with look from her eyes
laying there on her mat she looks at me and then she sighs...
O I wish she was here I left her at the vet
Teddy was so great she was my little pet
I wish I wish she was here shining once again
She is gone with Timmy, crying and the pain.

Sue or is that sorry

Sue you dance so good you make me stand
You will never be in my promised land
You came to late for this broke man
you will not get in as I do stand
sorry my girl it;s not for you
my broken heart it never knew
sorely and bruised my bloods been let
over the hill dont go yet
explanation you need and I do bet
you have been hurt I am not here to get

love never love

torn and trashed my heart it has
broken up and beaten down because it was
sworn off and a promise I have
made for me and not for you I gave

No one is deserving of my love and my heart
never again will I be torn apart
treachery of a woman's scolding rampart
scorn again let she depart
leaving only one thing she not want her fart.
she came back to me and wanted a start...